Thursday, June 28, 2007


If it's been way to long since we've updated the blog, it's only because we've been enjoying Peewee's World so much! The title of this entry refers to Rowan's use of sound effects lately. As a commercial artist working among other artists, I am almost completely incapable of human language anymore, and my daughter, in a sweet effort to stay in touch with her old man, has adopted the "dooot dooooot dooot" of the backing trash truck when lifting piles of laundry (to help...refold it in abstract methods) or when she hears a truck outside; "vroooom" to let us know there's a car outside, or when pushing the high chair into more desirable breakfast locations, or indicating that an empty cardboard box is ready for departure on the Peeweetopia freeway; and "rrrrreeeewwwwreeeewwwrreeeewwww" either to indicate the bees that we're lucky to still have buzzing in the flowers out front, or to indicate that my gym bag is ready to enact The Flight of the Bumblebean through the house...if Daddy's awake enough. I have to say that trying to be fit enough to be the jungle gym for her that I was for my nieces is great motivation to stay in the gym!

We took Rowan to the beach last weekend. Paradise Cove in Malibu is a great family beach! It's south of Kanaan Dume road just a bit, and features a restaurant right on the beach that's not overpriced, and serves great food. Sometimes you just pay for the ambiance, but these guys serve up good food on top of the sand, surf and seagulls. Rowan had so much to look at, and was so mellow from an hour of splashing on shore and digging in the sand, that we all just chilled at our table in the sand--and indulged in a monstrous ice cream sandwich sundae :) Rowsie was playing with my phone on the way home and left two messages for us. She then asked for Gran'ma Suzy, who was out volunteering, but came home to Peewee on the answering machine saying "Hi Gran'ma Suzy! I 'ove 'ou! Bye bye."

She's grown up a lot since the last posts--she's now wearing 2T in some brands (although the infant Pumpkin Patch still fits me better than her), and has long legs and those cute strong little arms that little kids have. She's getting the point that the street is dangerous, and now comes and grabs my leg if she hears a car that sounds near--which is a vast improvement over taking those sounds for the starter's gun.

This is just kind of mind dump, I know. And I have no pictures handy to post, either. Sorry. I'm a bad blogger. Feel free to pester us until we post again.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Red Rowan the Fierce

So at Thom's work they had a contest to win some super fancy video game. You had to write an essay to the Easter Bunny on why you deserved the game. Thom's WINNING essay is below. Thom worried that they would either think it was really funny or refer him to HR for counseling.

Dear Easter Bunny,
My 16 month old daughter won't leave me alone about getting a copy of God of War II. She's already beaten Call of Duty II three times on Impossible, and is threatening to arrange real melees with the other neighborhood kids, spears, swords and all, if she doesn't get her blood-fix through God of War II soon. The situation is complicated, because I swore to her at a time she was trying to give up gaming altogether, that I would never buy it for her.
So, I'm stuck! And you can save lives! I can't buy her a copy and remain a man of honor (if I reneg on my word, she'll likely push even harder to overthrow me), but if I don't, the neighborhood children will be drilled in the ancient arts of phalanx warfare, and driven against each other for sport. I don't think they understand she means to use unbated blades--but she can be very persuasive.
None of this is your responsibility, of course, but you do have the power to save my honor and the lives and limbs of countless toddlers by sending a copy of God of War II home to Rowan, called the Fierce, or the Red.
Thank you for considering our cause.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Working with the Peewee

I try to check my e-mail as often as possible, although today I finally checked it like at 10:30pm. Luckily there wasn't much on there. I have been feeling really tired at night. Rowan likes to check e-mail with Mama, unfortunately that often means that she manages to shut my laptop down just as I am reading an e-mail from my boss. She loves that on/off button.

I love being home on Tuesdays and Thursdays all day to just be with my daughter. She is so much fun. I am trying to develop discipline that when I work I am focused and when I am not working, I am all Mama. I have trouble when I get home from work turning off that part of my brain that is thinking about all that I have left undone and all that I have to do. I want to focus in on Rowan and I cherish so much the time we spend together. I enjoy my job and it is very much part of me. If I didn't work at all I think I would lose a huge part of what makes me, well me. Some days I feel like I suck at my job and I suck at being a Mom. There are days when I am overwhelmed and distraught. I get torn between my values and my ambitions and my day-to-day realities. If I worked more and pushed more, I would be financially more stable. If I stayed at home maybe I would be a better Mother. I don't want to let Rowan down. Some days, I worry about the crazy balancing act that I have going. Today, I know I could do a better job at both but I look forward to trying to do better tomorrow.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Such a wonderful writing exercise

Briana has links to other blogs and this is just lovely. This Mom who is an incredible writer did this exercise called I am from. the form can be found at her blog at I promsie to do my own version but I would LOVE it if you would all do it and post it on this blog. I think this would be an amazing way for Rowan once she can read to find out new things about the people who love her.

Here was what the Owlhaven woman wrote..
I Am From….
I am from thunderstorms and muggy nights and green-sky tornado warnings. From Cream of Wheat on school mornings, and White Castle burgers on Sundays and Dreft sitting on the washer when another new baby was on the way.
I am from the white parsonage next to the brick church surrounded by oak trees rustling in the breeze. I am from June bugs and fireflies on summer evenings. From oak tree whose acorns pelted unsuspecting friends from the leafy heights, from Four’O’Clocks that looked divine tucked in little girls’ hair.
I am from churchgoers and readers and baby-lovers, from Leonard and Marie and Hazel and Dale and Marvin and Julia. I am from inquisitive minds, and skillful hands, and loving hearts.
From “all things work together for good” and “ don’t wear those shorts– they’re indecent.”
I am from forever-Lutherans who believe you work hard and trust God for the rest of it. I’m from Nebraska farmers who survived a tornado and put baby chicks in the bathtub for safekeeping when the chicken house blew away. From Swedes and Norwegians and Germans.
From mom’s homemade pizza and granola and whole wheat bread. From “Aunt Edie” pancakes slathered with butter and powdered sugar. From whole milk straight from the farm where we petted the calves and they sucked our fingers with sandpaper tongues. From apples we got by riding a ferry boat and visiting an orchard ourselves.
From the grandmother who got kittens for me to dress and trundle in baby carriages when I visited each summer, from the grandfather who called me Emsie, and the other grandfather who farmed so full-bore that when he stopped he could fall asleep in the midst of the noisiest gatherings.
I am from Polaroids and Kodak Instamatics whose flash cubes blinded your eyes then were tossed in the trash. From black-paged photo albums where precious pictures were placed with loving hands, and family and faith were valued above all the rust-gathering trinkets that any amount of money could buy.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rowan the fashion model

We had a request for a picture of Rowan modeling her wonderful hand knitted Italian scarf. She looks lovely in it. My friend Giusy made her that scarf and made me a matching one. How cute is that?

Our living is a wreck in the background, but gee whiz when isn't it these days. Oh well.

Rowan has also taken to modeling other rather more interesting items of clothing like my underwear. So far luckily she grabs a clean pair from the laundry basket and puts them on over her head. She is very particular about her underwear necklace. Granny panties just will not do. (Oh come on you know you own at least one pair). Rowan seeks out the pretty ones from Victorias Secret. She likes to admire herself in the mirror once they are securely in place. In the picture on the left, she is modeling two pairs of undies and a tank top.

She is getting to be such a big girl. She has six teeth and I think another on the way. She signs easily "more" "food" & "please". She has new words everyday, some stick and others don't. She says "Hi" and "Bye" beautifully. My heart is full to bursting. She is such a joy.

Daddy dignity

Rowan is a budding photographer. She loves to take photos with our cell phones. Usually she takes some great abstract shot of her Dora the Explorer scooter or some great angle on the carpet in the living room.

Recently though while Daddy was home alone on Peewee watch, Rowan took some rather interesting photos of Daddy. One was rather sweet of Daddy changing her diaper and then well there was this one. Poor Thom as a Parent you just don't get any alone time anymore.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The very first post

So this is it. My very first blog. I am now part of the 2000's people. Today my friend Briana helped me set-up this blog at her home while Rowan destroyed her fabulous living room. They will be finding dried apple bits in interesting places for the next two years. Her son Dylan has a super cute blog well worth checking out by selecting the Dylan in the last sentence. There is a video up there of Dylan rolling in the grass and you will see Rowan crashes his party and demands to be on film.

This photo was taken months ago at Lacy park. I love the way she holds the ball and has such lovely posture. I will try to get something more current up here as soon as I have a minute. Right now I think Rowan may actually be napping. When I last checked she was singing to herself and kicking her legs around. Ah I hear a new tune coming from the bedroom. So alas once more the afternoon nap alludes us.

I promise to write more later.
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